Tension has been building among the VH1 Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast after Brandi and Princess Love asked Jason Lee for a huge receipt on Moniece Slaughter to get back at her for publicly humiliating Brandi over her lawsuit against one of her husband's "Becky's."

After Jason claimed he had a sex tape of Moniece, the two sparred via social media and now Jason says he may release the video tonight (Monday Oct.17).

Jason talked to The Boombox at a private event in Hollywood, and he had a few things to say about the situation.

"The issue for me is, [Moniece] is a bully," Jason said in reference to Lil Fizz's ex. "And I don't like bullies. Whether you're a male or a female, if you're a bully and you punch me I'm going to punch you back--not physically. of course. I've been know to throw a drink or two, though."

Lee continued explaining why he brought up the sex tape and why he's been dangling it over her head.

"The problem for me is she bullies everybody and now she's met somebody who isn't going to let her bully him. And so she's been poking, poking, poking and I just felt like you know I have a receipt on you so let me just go ahead and show you I can f--- with you too. And it just so happens to be a big receipt, a sex tape. I didn't drop it, and I haven't dropped the second sex tape I have on her either. But right now I'm just f---ing with her, having a good time, making sure she doesn't sleep well at night pretty much."

In reference to why he has yet to release the sex tape, Lee smiled and said, "Listen, I don't know what's going to happen."

"Every time I say anything her attorney sends me a letter. They're killing trees out here. They don't give a f--- about the trees. You know, they're wasting my time. My inbox has all these damn cease and desist's, I don't even read that s---. I don't know what I'm going to do cause I wake up everyday and the first thing I say is 'glory to God' and then I go online to see who's f---ing with me. So it depends on what she does, you know, if she keeps pressing me."

Moniece has come out and said on the show and on social media that releasing the sex tape is crossing a line "that you just don't cross" because it would directly affect her son. However, Jason says she uses her son as an excuse during altercations.

"This is my thing, she always talks about how people attack her for being a bad mother. So why every time you start a fight you throw your kid up as a shield, every time. You're suppose to protect your child."

"I encourage her to become a better person and stop f--king with me 'cause I'm not the one."

Late Sunday (Oct. 16), Jason posted videos to his Instagram inferring that he will indeed drop a video, and it could be as soon as after the Monday night show. Watch the video posts below.

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