Part 1 of the Love & Hip-Hop season 7 reunion ended in a state of total chaos. Last night, Part 2 picked up right where things left off--in hair-pulling, shoe-throwing, stage-crashing hell.

Yandy and Samantha finally faced off after Samantha caught Yandy in a lie while filming the reunion. Not knowing how to handle the situation, Yandy jumped out of her seat and started swinging as she made her way across the stage towards Samantha. Madness erupted as even two audience members stormed the stage and took Samantha down by the weave. She quickly recovered, but was taken down again by some sort of flying object aimed at her head. Security immediately rushed host Nina Parker and the LHH cast members off the stage. (Some cast members were dragged off.)

Eventually, Yandy, Erika and Samantha were brought back to the stage without any other castmates in an effort to help them resolve their issues with no "distractions." The two people who rushed the stage turned out to be Yandy associates; so Erika and Samantha asked Yandy if she recruited people attack them during the taping. Of course, Yandy denied the accusation.

For weeks, viewers and cast members have wondered if Yandy invited Kimbella to Lil Mendeecees birthday party to start a fight. Again, Yandy continues to claim that she had no idea Kimbella was at the party until after Kimbella arrived. (If you remember, Yandy says she pulled up to the party, but never actually went in because she saw a "commotion" at the door of a kid's birthday party.) Nina Parker interrupted Yandy and Erika's aggressive dialogue to play audio that was recorded during filming. After Nina helped Yandy check the transcript, Yandy's story quickly changed as the lies were clear. The audience was able to hear Yandy having a conversation with Kimbella before she arrived at Lil Mendeecees birthday party, ultimately texting her the address to the event. After hearing this audio for the first time in front of a live audience, Yandy slips and says "Kimbella wasn't supposed to be the commotion--"

The mothers of Mendeecees' children continued to go back and forth, getting personal when they questioned Yandy about the legalities of her marriage to Mendeecees Harris. When asked if she's legally married to the man of the moment, Yandy replied, "I am married." But that didn't answer the question. She goes on to say she doesn't need a piece of paper to prove she's married. You be the judge.

As the tension simmered, Sky and Drewski took over the spotlight to address their storyline, or lack thereof. Drewski disrespected Sky several time throughout the season, calling her a "hoe" and implying that she's been passed around. He even set up a camera in the house to record her movements and post the video online. To make matters worse, Drewski had a chick named Bianca on the side. But despite everything Drewski's put Sky through, she told Nina Parker they are in a good place now. There, Drewski played a music video he created for his girl, which featured him asking her father if he could "make it official" with his daughter. When the video wrapped, the he got down on one knee and asked Sky, "Do you wanna make this official?" She said, "Yes!" (Did anyone catch Remy's ill eye roll?)

Drama continued as DJ Self attempted to explain his [professional] love for Major Galore and MariahLynn. Cardi B. felt the need to interrupt Self's story so that she could make clear that she's the reason Self and Galore started working together. Because it's Cardi B., you can guess what happened from there: she and her sister Hennessy were escorted off the stage after they handled Galore "the Harlem way."

As the reunion came to an end, Amina, Peter Gunz and Tara openly discussed their never-ending love triangle. Peter stated he wants to be with Tara, but Tara said she does not want to be with him. Thus, Amina said she'll take him back. The cast jumped in to have an intervention with Peter's estranged wife. Cardi B told Amina to just let it go and stop embarrassing herself. Juelz told her the only reason Peter will be with her is because Tara won't take him back ... why would she want to be that woman? Hopefully she listens.

With season 7 said and done, Remy closed the show by saying she just wants everyone to start acting like adults.


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