Love & Hip Hop Hollywood brought together Chanel West Coast and Solo Lucci last week. And this week, we saw how that relationship was blossoming at Chanel's video premiere party for "New Bae." After the positive reaction, the party, organized by Misster Ray, was getting good. But then Alexis and Lyrica arrived. And even though Nikki said that she invited Alexis. But after the spat grew bigger with Alexis, Lyrica and Ray, Solo and Chanel came back to stop the commotion.

Things took a turn for the worse when Alexis found out that Chanel and Solo had something going on. She lost it and wanted to start a fight. Luckily for Chanel, security took her away from the party. While Chanel and Solo were still fresh, he did appreciate the fact that Alexis fought for him.

Meanwhile at Alexis' own launch party, Hazel-E was trying to get Booby to apologize for not owning up to the fact that they hooked up. Although Hazel stayed firm to her facts, Booby said she was lying and nothing happened. And things didn't got worse for Hazel. Hazel also found out that Safaree, A-1 and Ray were all in a bet about whose sperm count was higher. And since Ray lost, he made a song with Hazel. So it wasn't about her talent after all.

Despite the drama with Hazel, Booby was more excited to catch up with Brooke on their trip to Catalina. But Brooke backed out last minute so Booby called on Bridget instead. They two had a little flirtation going on at Alexis' party, especially after they made amends about the craziness that went down at Booby's showcase. Now technically Bridget was trying to make it work with her longtime boyfriend, James. However she was greatly disappointed when he told her that he wasn't ready and didn't really trust her. So it was a surprise to see her go on this romantic trip to Catalina with Booby. And even though she was still sad over James, she managed to get over that enough to share a kiss with Booby.

So what did Brooke do instead? She went to Marcus' mom's birthday party. Marcus looked hesitant to talk to her, but he gave it a chance. The two let out their beef with each other, and it looked like they may try to start again. It may take a while, but it seemed like Brooke was willing to try. But Brooke also needed to tell Booby what was happening. The two met up, and Brooke ended it with Booby. But before they parted ways, they shared a final kiss -- at least for now.

Although Fizz is back to taking care of his son full-time until Moniece sorted out what she needed to with A.D., he also started thinking about getting B2K back together. And catching up with Bobby Brown made the desire to revive the group stronger. So he met up with Boog and see if he would be interested. Within minutes of explaining Fizz's idea, Boog seemed to shoot it down. But he would consider it if Fizz would talk to the rest of the group and convince them to rejoin.

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