If you've been watching Love & Hip Hop Atlanta since the beginning, you've learned that Yung Joc never really had just one woman in his life. Between his gang of baby mamas and current girlfriends, he really does love women. So when Karlie found out that Joc has been creeping around with Tommie, you'd think she should have know what she was getting into considering Joc's track record. But as Sina (yes, one of Joc's baby mamas) and Karlie spoke, it was clear that Karlie saw beyond Joc's inability to keep it in his pants. She quickly realized that Tommie was using Joc to get back at Karlie for getting with Scrapp. And instead of being upset that Joc had been with another woman, she was ready to get back at Tommie in a big way.

Karlie, Sina and Melissa dropped by Joc's stand-up comedy show and unsurprisingly found Joc getting close to Tommie. And while Joc knew he would eventually get caught, he was surprised that Karlie and Sina were teamed up on this one. Joc tried to defuse the situation, but Tommie and Karlie started arguing. Things got worse when Lovely Mimi put in her two cents, and Karlie realized that she was the one who "ruined" Sierra and Shooter's marriage. As Karlie said, she was hating by association. Things quickly escalated, especially after Karlie threw a stack of dollar bills and some object that bounced of the table. Security quickly got involved to defuse the situation while Joc and innocent bystander Scrappy just stood and watched.

Despite the scuffle, Tommie did find some happiness in this episode. As we mentioned in last week's episode, she was hosting a tasting for her new wine. There was a  blow up between her and Jessica Dime, but things seemed to calm down--until her mother showed up. Worried that her mom would start something, Tommie quickly threw up an emotional wall. After hearing her mom out, she realized that her mother was proud of what she'd accomplished. And everyone toasted the successful event.

Despite the drama in her life, Rasheeda showed up at Tommie's wine tasting--her first public appearance in a while--and she briefly caught up with Scrappy. Although Scrappy's friends with Kirk, Rasheeda was like a sister to him, so he had to see how she was doing, too. Following the event, the two got to sit down and really talk about the situation. She explained that the hardest part has been seeing her kids go through this drama. But she's staying firm about her and Kirk not being in the same house, though she's still on the fence about whether she should file for divorce. While Scrappy was disappointed at the possibility, he understood where his sister was coming from. He also reported what Kirk had said during the last time the guys saw each other, which left Rasheeda still unsure about her next move.

The conversation shifted to Scrappy and Bambi's wedding, and he revealed that it wasn't happening. Rasheeda assumed that Scrappy had done something wrong, but he explained that it was something he and Bam mutually decided. He explained that they just weren't working as a couple--despite how much they loved each other.

Scrappy also caught up with Kirk to talk about Rasheeda. Scrappy was ready to call Kirk out and set him straight, but Kirk revealed that Rasheeda just wasn't giving him the loving that he was looking for and the marriage wasn't what it had been. Scrappy was blown away by this news and worried that there may be no hope for his friends.

After Tommie's event, Mimi learned that Melissa was hanging around Joseline a lot these days. And considering how close she and Mimi are and how Mimi hates Joseline, Ms. Faust wasn't pleased. So she confronted Melissa about Melissa's playing of both sides. Things got worse when Melissa mentioned that she had a flight with Ariane. Ariane and Mimi have been on the rocks for some time and this didn't make it better since Mimi had her own thing going with Melissa. We're not too sure how deep that goes, but it was enough for Mimi to be upset about Melissa and Ariane's tryst. Mimi spoke with Ariane and was upset that Ariane never told her. Ariane said it was a long time ago so she didn't think it mattered, but Mimi was mad about it. After that conversation, Ariane confronted Melissa, and that didn't go well either. The two started fighting over what they used to have, and it's clear that Melissa didn't care that she threw Ariane under the bus.

Meanwhile, Mimi's became even angrier when she and Stevie J talked. After finding out that he was the father of Joseline's baby, Stevie decided that he was going to take responsibility for the child. Mimi didn't like this news at all and said that she didn't want Joseline anywhere near her daughter. Clearly, this caused more issues for Stevie.

Finally, Joseline may not have Stevie in her life, but she's trying to make due as a single mom. Unfortunately, building baby furniture isn't her forte. Melissa and Dawn came over to help, and Joseline revealed that she doesn't only want Stevie not to be in her daughter's life, but she wants to move them back to Miami.

Do you think she'll make the move? Will Stevie really be out of the picture? Tune in next week for a special episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta where we'll be celebrating Joseline's baby shower and see her give birth to Bonnie.


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