Last week's episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta revealed that Moriah has been sleeping with and accepting money from her boss (Sierra's husband), Shooter, for a long time. After all that creeping, Sierra finally found out this week. And despite their issues, Lovely Mimi was the one to spill the beans. Although she hated Sierra and the news came in the midst of another argument between the two, Mimi adamantly told Moriah to stop the affair. Being a married woman herself, Mimi didn't approve of the arrangement, and Sierra is still Moriah's boss.

Although Sierra could have believed that Mimi was just trying to get under her skin, she confronted her husband in the parking lot, after texting him to meet her. And although he didn't flat out say that he and Moriah were sleeping together, his silence spoke volumes. As explained during her interview, she'd gone through her share of baby mama drama. But how could he sleep with the help? Even though Sierra may not have been surprised by the cheating, she was just thrown off that he did it with her assistant. Meanwhile, Moriah finally showed up, and it's clear that she probably just lost her job at Sierra's salon. But she didn't expect Shooter to belittle the "relationship" they had. She was so mad that Shooter made it seem as though Moriah came at him--as opposed to the other way around--that she had to be pulled away security.

It looks like Moriah's dream of opening that club with the money she was hoping to get from Shooter will remain just a dream.

While the drama was happening in the parking lot, Joseline was trying to make a music video for her new song, "Baby Daddy." Sierra was originally going to be a part of it, but after seeing the fight between her and Lovely Mimi, who Joseline personally invited, it was clear that Sierra wasn't going to make the cameo. But the show must go on, and Joseline was set on making the visual and also keeping some female positivity in the room. Momma Dee and Jessica Dime, who Joseline finally made amends with, also appeared in the video.

While Joseline was trying to keep the peace, Stevie J was trying to get his life back together. Aside from taking a paternity test to confirm that Joseline's baby was his, he also wanted all his kids, at least the older ones, to live under his roof. But that meant he needed to make amends with his eldest son, Dorian. After extended time not speaking with each other, Stevie had a talk with his son about their relationship and the diss track Dorian recorded about his dad. Stevie was clearly hurt by the song, but he learned that Dorian never felt like he had a father. Stevie may have been there financially but wasn't there to help him growing up. And after the heart-to-heart, they promised to make things better.

Finally, Yung Joc was still reeling after discovering Rod has been dating his baby mama, Sina. So Joc dropped by her place to confront her about it, and while she was trying to be coy, Sina admitted that she and Rod have been hanging out. Although Joc couldn't control who Sina was actually seeing, he wanted to make sure that Rod was nowhere near his kids. Sina just laughed it off as Joc walked away.

Will Sina keep the kids away from Rod? What will happen to Sierra and Shooter's marriage? Tune in next week to find out.

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