Stevie J and Joseline finally got results after taking a paternity test in last week's episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Tensions were mounting on both sides because they'd just seen each other in court--where Stevie brought up his own demands. He wanted to get custody of the child, which Joseline didn't appreciate. And now that the test proved that Stevie was the father of the child, Joseline had it set in her mind that she didn't want Stevie to have anything to do with the child; and she had plans to move back to Miami. But Stevie was considering making things right with Joseline again.

Although Waka Flocka Flame's attempt to come home to Tammy was a complete fail, he's determined to get his family back. So he recruited his daughter Charlie to help. During a father/daughter date at the roller rink, Waka explained that he needed Charlie's help to convince her mom to go on a date with him. Charlie quickly agreed because she missed her family being together, so she spoke to Tammy about it and did all she could to convince her mom to meet with Waka. But no matter how much Tammy missed him and wanted to make Charlie happy, she still wasn't sure.

Waka caught up with Tammy's mom, Deb. Knowing the obstacles Waka and Tammy went through, it was clear that Deb was more likely to side with her daughter-in-law. She pointed out that this wasn't Waka's first time cheating. And if he wouldn't grow up and be true to Tammy, then maybe they should just part ways. But Waka is determined to be the man he needs to be to get the woman he loves back.

Continuing the broken relationship theme, Sierra was still hurting after discovering that her husband, Shooter, and assistant, Moriah, have been sleeping together. While she tried to keep her head in her work, she confided in Karlie; who advised her to confront Moriah and find out what really happened. Unfortunately when she met with Moriah, it didn't take long before Sierra was throwing her purse at her former employee because she didn't believe that Shooter pursued Moriah. Moriah accepted that she was at fault, but believes that Shooter was as well. The brief meeting ended with Sierra walking out and nothing resolved.

Tommie has been finding herself throughout this season. Wrestling with numerous beefs and her drinking problem, she decided to focus her energies on a new business. But KK pointed out that making and selling wine may not be the best endeavor. Tommie fought back and said that she could control her drinking through selling the product that always seems to cause her problems. And when KK urged her to go get help, Tommie said that she wasn't an alcoholic. Despite all the shade she threw at KK, Tommie was like a daughter to her, and KK wouldn't turn her back on that.

Tommie was so proud of her product that she held a wine tasting and invited the majority of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta crew. Tammy, Mimi, Scrappy, Yung Joc, Lovely Mimi, Jessica Dime and Rasheeda all attended--which really surprised Scrappy. It was a little awkward catching up with the guys, especially since they were Kirk's friends, but Rasheeda kept her cool and said she just wanted to have a good time. And it was a good time until Lovely Mimi pointed out that Jessica went to Joseline's video shoot, which set off both Tommie and Tammy. Jessica confronted Tammy, and drinks were thrown. But instead of having Dime's back, Tommie ended up kicking her now former friend out of the party. After that moment, KK arrived and even got Scrapp on the phone to congratulate Tommie, which made her feel better. All was well again. But then things took a turn when Tommie's mother arrived.

How will Tommie react to her mom's arrival at the tasting? Will more drinks be thrown? Tune in next week to find out.

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