If there's a theme to this week's episode of 'Love & Hip Hop,' it would be babies and sloppy seconds.

Last week, we left off with Rich Dollaz and Erica Mena getting into a heated argument about his new working relationship with Cyn Santana -- she wants to record a song. Erica's exes are now working together? Clearly this is going to snowball into something bad of course. At his liquor launch party for 79 Gold, Erica accuses Rich of sleeping with Cyn -- he once dogged her for doing the same. Then Erica "congratulates" him on the mic and calls him out for taking her sloppy seconds.

But before that all went down, Rich introduced Cyn to Precious Paris, who's looking for a singer for her new track. He's also hoping Cyn will become the new face of his liquor company. During Cyn's meeting with Paris, she reveals that she wants to do a song for charity that pays tribute to her brother who committed suicide less than a year ago. Paris comforts her, shares her own personal story and decides to join Cyn's project. They meet a few days later when Cyn vents about Erica and Paris advises her to meet up with her ex to talk it out and move on from the situation.

Erica and Cyn finally meet up and we know by now that when these two are in the same room, they go from zero to 100 real quick. They start arguing, but Erica actually gains some composure and apologizes for slapping Cyn -- leaving her and the rest of us speechless.

Meanwhile, after Amina Buddafly gives birth to her baby girl, Cori, she's clearly on cloud nine. Unfortunately, that all ends when Peter Gunz comes clean about why he was really in Barbados, which leaves his new baby mama fuming. Just when you'd think she's mad about the lying (well, she is), Amina is actually feeling more upset because she's the leftovers. She realizes that Peter tried to get back with Tara Wallace, his other baby mama, and is only settling for their relationship since he can't have the woman he really wants.

You had to see this one coming: Amina and Tara have a sit-down to discuss this love triangle. There are some bumps in the road and hurtful words exchanged, but Tara, who's been dealing with Peter's lies for so long, says that they have to figure out a way for everyone to be cordial and get along for the sake of their children.

Since the season started, Yandy and Mendeecees seem to be the only consistently happy and drama-free people on the show. That changes this week, when Yandy comes home and vents about Mendeecees' baby mama, Samantha. She picked up her son, Lil' Mendeecees, and left Yandy in the dark about it.

Yandy informs her fiance that he needs to sort things out with Samantha before they get married so they don't run into any further issues moving forward. Feeling resistance from Mendeecees, Yandy decides to handle this mess herself by sitting down with Samantha to talk about the situation. But after hearing Samantha speak her piece and say she would consider the thought of taking him to court for custody, Yandy pleads with her to address their parenting situation with Mendeecees. Yandy tells him about their conversation and convinces him to meet with Samantha to put the bad energy to rest.

When the two finally have a face-to-face talk, Samantha mentions bringing things to court to settle this brewing custody battle. She feels Lil' Mendeecees needs to be with his mother while Mendeecees believes that his pending legal case should allow him more time with his son.

Finally, Chink confides in Rich that Chrissy decided to go off birth control in order to start having children with him. Since Rich is friends with both of them, it's hard to pick sides but he favors Chink here -- in the end it takes two to make a baby. Chrissy and Chink head to the studio and this relationship doesn't end on a good note. They're officially done.

Wonder which couple will head to Splitsville next? Tune in next week.