Cast members are still dealing with emotional highs and lows weeks after the ‘Love & Hip Hop: New York’ finale, which is all brought to light in part one of the reunion show. During the introduction, actress and comedienne Mo’nique, who serves as reunion host, reveals she got sucked into the character’s lives while watching a marathon of the show.

To kick things off, Yandy reveals that she continues to talk to her fiance Mendeecees five or six times a day even though he’s still locked up. But the spotlight was of course turned over to the love triangle between Erica Mena, her ex-boyfriend and manager Rich Dollaz and her current girlfriend Cyn Santana.

“I gave her friendship a chance and it really unfolded on its own,” Cyn says of how she and Erica fell in love. “It wasn’t the Chipotle that got you?” Mo’nique jokes to Cyn. The Mexican grill food chain was revealed to be her favorite food throughout this season. “I treated her the way I wanted to be treated,” Erica explains. She met Cyn while she was heartbroken over Rich dumping her. When he eventually sat down on the couch across from the ladies (he was welcomed with little applause), things started to get heated.

Rich says that he didn’t believe Cyn and Erica's relationship was real because the latter was still receptive to many of his advances. “I’m OK with walking away, but don’t blame Rich Dollaz for what you do,” he yells. “Don’t come sit on my lap. Don’t come to my place.” Erica continues to say she “didn’t ask for this” and Cyn was emotionally uncomfortable with the fact that she’s just on the sidelines while the two of them are still clearly in love with each other.

The reunion also brought back Nya Lee, a stripper-turned-rapper who called Rich Dollaz a cornball during the first few episodes. Erica and Nya Lee begin an inaudible verbal spat and almost throw hands at each other. But after the ladies calm down, they realize that they shouldn’t be fighting and sort of make peace.

Tahiry opens up about why she didn’t accept Joe Budden's proposal. “I wanted work, I wanted consistency… the ring was the end result,” she laments. Joe admits that having a woman on their bed in earlier episodes was unacceptable. But then he tries to tell her she wasn’t there through thick and thin in their relationship. Tahiry gets riled up as she denies all of his claims.

Last but not least, Tara takes the seat on the couch and gives her side of the Peter Gunz and Amina scandal. To her knowledge, Peter was unfaithful to her two times during their 13-year relationship. “I haven’t been that faithful to Tara, I’ve been crazy with it,” Peter admits. “Amina is the only one I really cared about outside of Tara.” He also reveals that when he met Tara he was engaged to another woman. “I feel like Amina and especially Tara knew I was lying,” he says of his cheating ways. Tara explains that she would have never stayed that long in the relationship if she thought he was doing her wrong.

Before the show ends, the “wrong lovers” -- Peter and Amina -- grace the stage and perform their song ‘Don’t Wanna Be Right’ with a live band. After the showcase, Tara says she was down with Amina “winning” as an artist before knowing she was married to her man. “I can’t say that I feel great about the two of them performing knowing now… that song is about him,” she speaks honestly.

Stay tuned until next week for part two of the reunion show.

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