After last night's episode of 'Love & Hip Hop Hollywood,' it's clear that this season will be renewed. Instead of giving the rundown on every dramatic situation taking place across sunny California, we're just going to get down to the dirt.

Omarion's mom, Leslie, is just like Mama Dee: she has no qualms with saying whatever is on her mind no matter how inappropriate or irrational it sounds. So last night, when Mama Leslie decided to attend Apryl's blue-themed baby shower -- after Omari scolded her for not acting like a happy grandmother to be -- and tell Apryl that she's not ready to have a baby, there was no question all hell was about to break loose.

To defend her out-of-control commentary, Mama says there are things that need to be sacrificed when having a baby, and she knows Apryl is not ready to do them. Ultimately, all she has to say is "As soon as the baby comes, she'll be dropping the baby off at my house and going on her way."

But if you're sitting there asking yourself where all this hate is coming from, just channel yourself back 30 years when Mama Leslie got pregnant at 16 with no man standing by her side. Trying to breakdown the comparison between herself and Apryl to her baby boy, Leslie feels the need to point out that her future daughter-in-law "has a big advantage."

"I didn't have a good man like you around. How old was I when I had you? 16. So she's already got more than 10 years on me. And I didn't have a good man like you to help me," she tells her son. Leslie must be one of those mothers that looks at her son like he's her man because she seems a bit too jealous and bothered by the fact that her son is stepping up to the plate with his child. She needs to be proud she raised a good man and should spend a night alone watching 'Frozen' so she can just let it go.

But while Omarion is trying to convince his mom that his son is in good hands, Nia Riley starts to realize she has more daddy issues than she thought. As Nia and her daughter, Kamryn, gear up to move in with her man, Soulja Boy, Nia voices her concerns with the rapper getting ready to get back on the road and tour across the country.

Remembering what her father used to do when he was on the road touring with Blackstreet back in the day, Teddy Riley's daughter says, "My father has nine kids by six different women; so I know how he got down on the road." Soulja, or Dre as she likes to call him, promises he's not going to step out on her while he's traveling from city to city. But when it comes to Nia, actions speak much louder than words. In the meantime, Dre is attempting to baby proof his L.A. mansion.

Now for the fight everyone's been waiting for. Before Masika and Ms. Nikki Baby go four rounds to battle it out over who gets the title of Mally Mall's girl, Morgan asks Teairra Mari to stop by her house for a little girl talk to get down to the bottom of their beef. As soon as they squash their Ray J-infused drama, Masika pops up to talk about her life; and of course Morgan has to bring up the Mally Mall situation. After all, she's friends with the strip club heiress and the video vixen. Morgan let's Masika know Nikki is coming for her, but not without giving her a little ammo to fire back with: Nikki Baby is all plastic, from her nose to her toes.

Mally Mall's chicks agree to a sit down over massages and cucumber-flavored water to hash out the Instagram shade and Twitter rants being thrown around, but of course it doesn't go as planned. Nikki is way too conceited for her own good. Instead of realizing she needs to address her "man" for his player ways, she dismisses Masika and tells her she doesn't have a man because Mally is hers. Masika's response to all is priceless.
"You're talking but you're face isn't moving. There's all that plastic, and I can't take it."

Start counting down to the drama next week.

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