Love & Hip Hop Atlanta never fails when it comes to delivering drama in all forms. And after last week's face off between Rasheeda Frost and Kalenna, now we're brought back into the thick of things between the two and the end result isn't pretty.

Just to bring you up to speed on that spat, Rasheeda and Kalenna are mad at each other because they both think the other has been talking trash. So their spouses, Kirk Frost and Tony Harper respectively, want to mend this longtime friendship by getting them to have dinner together. However, the meeting turns into a scream fest and Tony drops the news that Kalenna may be experiencing postpartum depression.

Although she's mad about seeing Rasheeda, Kalenna feels betrayed that her husband threw her under the bus like that. Despite the fact that she didn't want others to know about her emotional breakdowns, Kalenna confided in Karlie Redd about her struggles since giving birth. And after a tearful chat, she thinks she has postpartum depression but is comforted by Karlie knowing she went through the same thing. She convinces Kalenna to go see someone about her issues and promises to stay by her side during this ordeal.

Meanwhile, Momma Dee is focusing on the happier things in her life and that involves a wedding. While everyone thought she wouldn't walk down the aisle anytime soon, she reveals the wedding news to Erica Dixon by inviting her to a flower shop. Not only does she want Erica and Scrappy's daughter, Imani, to be a junior bridesmaid, but Dee is also hoping that Erica will be a bridesmaid, too. While she admits that things between her and Scrappy have been good, Erica is hesitant about actually being part of wedding.

Once she agrees to help Momma Dee with the planning, Erica eventually says yes about partaking in the actual wedding as they look for a dress. The only issue is Bambi is also a bridesmaid in the wedding, which starts another flare up at the boutique. Jasmine, Dee's daughter also has issues with her mom's soon-to-be husband Ernest and doesn't want to be in the wedding. Did we also mention that the event is taking place in a few short weeks? We can only imagine how Scrappy feels about all of this.

Although Scrappy doesn't find out about the wedding bells just yet, he does try to patch things up with Bambi. After they take a romantic stroll, Bambi accepts his apology but reminds him that she doesn't want to be in the "promise ring" stage forever.

While Momma Dee and Bambi are feeling the love, Margeaux Simms has been trying to move on with her life and part ways from her husband Nikko London. So when she's invited to have dinner with his mom, the cat finally comes out of the bag. Margeaux and Nikko are getting a divorce and she's also been seeing someone since they separated. Despite that drama, Margeaux looks forward and meets with Jessica Dime about doing a remixed version of her single, "Start a War." It's clear Dime is all about the collaboration, especially since Mimi Faust hasn't been helping her get any work.

Last week, we saw Tiffany Foxx get in the studio with Stevie J and actually lay down a "'90s-inspired" track. While Joseline Hernandez already warned Stevie about working with other artists, he reassures Tiffany that their studio time is good to go but she still felt apprehensive. So to defuse the situation (or at least her side of it), she meets up with Joseline to tell her what's going down. Obviously Joseline is trying to brush this news aside, but we know she isn't pleased.

On the bright side, no fights happen and she respects Tiffany for taking the time to tell her about the situation. Joseline and Tiffany also find some common ground by talking smack about Jessica. The Puerto Rican Princess also reveals all the sex parties she and Dime would get into while Stevie watched. Although Tiffany has no idea how the conversation moved in that direction, she's glad that Joseline won't be coming after her.

But what about Stevie? We remember the orange juice incident earlier this season, but Joseline does something worse to get back at Stevie. Even though he is her producer and manager, she heads to the studio with another group of producers to record a new track. And when Stevie finds out about this, he feels betrayed but also says that the song isn't part of her contract. And after she tries to use that against him because of his work with Tiffany, the plan backfires and she's the one who looks like a fool.

The episode ends with one major explosion between Tiffany and Jessica. While the two are having their own meetings at the same club, Jessica spots Tiffany and confronts her. When she finds out that Mimi has been able to get Tiffany work with Jazze Pha and Stevie, Jessica is clearly not pleased and starts telling Tiffany that they are in the same position.

The talk escalates even further when Tiff brings up the sexual information that Joseline told her, pushing Jessica over the edge. The end result? She throws a cup of water at Tiffany, whose manager runs in along with security to break things up. Jessica is taken out of the club with Dawn, the woman who wanted to be Jessica's manager from the beginning. And while Tiffany says she's done with Mimi, Dawn seals her management deal with Billionaire Girls Club and gives her $10,000.

Just when we thought the drama was cooling off, this week proves there's more hell to be had. So be sure to tune in next week to find out what happens.

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