When we last left off with Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Khadiyah Lewis had her claws up and ready to pounce on Sina and Karlie Redd at a party. In this week's episode, KD is ready to attack.

Aside from being embarrassed by the entire situation, she is even more upset that Sina (aka "Baby Mama No. 4") accused her of making up the fact that she's pregnant to supposedly get Yung Joc back. While we knew about the pregnancy scare from a few episodes ago, KD thought this was just between her and the ATL rapper. However, knowing that her arch nemesis knew of this situation fueled her anger more and she confronted Joc about it.

She drops by the rapper's studio soon after the party to express how upset she was that he actually said anything to Sina as well as the scheme at the party. While Joc is unaware of what went down at the soiree, he and KD argue and end their relationship -- again. While we have a feeling they're not over, it does add more to the dramatic pot. And though Joc wasn't involved in the party revenge plot, he confronts Karlie at her store and tells her to step away from the situation.

Meanwhile, Karlie's little plan with Sina made KD upset and also caused her man, Lyfe Jennings, to think of her a bit differently. After KD was carried away by security, Lyfe takes Karlie to the side and tells her that he doesn't want any drama like that in his life at the moment due to his recent legal issues. And while it's all in good fun according to Karlie, she realizes that her schemes can come with real consequences.

Margeaux Simms, who unknowingly did a photo shoot for Stevie J, meets with the producer to look over the photos and collect the $10,000 that she believes she's owed for posing. While Stevie agrees that the images are hot and probably the best he's seen of her, he refuses to pay the cash. Margeaux also turns to Joseline Hernandez, Stevie's wife, to talk about the situation.

She thinks Joseline will take her side, but unsurprisingly, the Puerto Rican Princess stands by her man and even goes so far as to say that Margeaux should feel privileged that Stevie even gave her that opportunity. So Margeaux has clearly struck out twice in this situation. What do you think she'll do next?

Despite the negative situation with Margeaux, Stevie gets into the studio with Mimi Faust and Tiffany Foxx. He shares a few '90s-inspired beats he created, which Foxx loves. She starts laying down a few bars and finally she and Stevie make music together. And now it looks like MF Management is really rolling in high gear.

In happier news, Scrappy is so in love with his girl, Bambi, that he reveals he gave her a key to his place during the guys' poker game. But little does he know that she was in Laudie's new video, "She Ready." Although it was "just acting," Rasheeda Frost was there with Waka Flocka Flame's wife, Tammy Rivera, and she was shocked to see Bambi getting way too close with Laudie in the video. While Bambi admits that Scrappy didn't know anything about the project, she felt she had to do it for herself.

Of course, once Scrappy finds out about this news from Rasheeda and Kirk Frost, he isn't happy at all. And coincidentally Bambi walks in moments after Scrappy finds out. The two obviously argue about her role in the visual. Scrappy feels betrayed while Bambi claims that he hasn't done anything for her career-wise so she had to do it on her own. By the end of their discussion, she walks away and leaves Scrappy alone in the studio.

Back at the poker game, Tony Harper and Kirk discuss the issues between Rasheeda and Kalenna Harper. Considering the ladies' longtime friendship, their husbands want to fix things. So they plan a dinner that will bring Rasheeda and Kalenna together. Unfortunately, their plan backfires because the two immediately start arguing. While Rasheeda stands her ground, she also doesn't know that Kalenna really hasn't been herself since giving birth and is worried that she may be going through postpartum depression. Now could this be the reason why she's had an attitude with Rasheeda? Or could their issues really be deeper?

We'll just have to wait and see how this discussion unfolds next week. So be sure to tune in.

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