Last week, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta left off with Mimi Faust and Margeaux meeting for the first time. And this week's episode proves that the two can't be in same room let alone breath the same air.

The moment they meet, the two start arguing about how awful the other is. Then things get worse when Margeaux puts her hand in Mimi's face and accuses her of leaking her sex tape with Nikko London. While Mimi is clearly emotional and probably wants to slap Margeaux, she tries to walk away. However, Margeaux comes back at her and continues to wave her hand around in Mimi's face. Ariane Davis, who arrived with Mimi to the fashion event, tries to separate the two. Mimi finally walks away from the situation and leaves Ariane to chat with Margeaux. The latter says she'll stand by her man and believes what he says while Ariane supports Mimi no matter what, which means they'll agree to disagree.

Back at home, Margeaux and Nikko discuss what happened at the club. Margeaux stands by her decision to reveal Mimi's part in the sex tape mess, but he says Mimi needs to finish her book so he can also profit. And although Margeaux just wants all of this to clear both her and Nikko's names, he has a plan to "vindicate me and expose Mimi." Apparently there is another person who's involved in this situation that will prove that Mimi is actually the guilty party and not Nikko.

Meanwhile, Mimi is trying not to let this issue get her down and takes her daughter to the circus, where Stevie J, dressed as the ringmaster, surprises them. He explains that he was arrested in New York and needed to show his baby girl that he's back with a grand entrance. The two go back to Mimi's home to catch up and discuss their company, MF Management. They discuss clearing the air with Tiffany Foxx and how to handle Jessica Dime.

While Stevie is hesitant to have Jessica signed to MF, Mimi still wants to give her a chance. Then the Nikko drama and her run-in with Margeaux comes up. Nikko has a plan for Mimi, but she's also got something up her sleeve. Instead of her tell-all book, she will now write three children's books with her daughter, which will fulfill her contract with Nikko. Unfortunately, we find out that Nikko's smoking gun is the fact that he's been secretly recording their phone and in-person conversations. Not the most legal route, but then again, it's Nikko we're talking about here. But at this point, Mimi just wants him out of her life.

The former lovers finally meet to discuss the book. However, their talk turns into a screaming match when Nikko outright tells Mimi that they both were in on the tape. And after yelling at each other for a bit, she walks away. Nikko continues to shell out information, bringing up the broker who handled all of their deals. He threatens that he will expose the whole truth soon.

Next we find Kirk Frost and Ashley Nicole on a promo tour in Alabama. Things seem to be going well, but not for long. Kirk gets a call from Yung Joc telling him about the auction that Rasheeda Frost put together behind his back. Now it looks like Kirk and Ashley are making a pit stop before they get to their next club gig.

The auction will raise money to open Rasheeda's store. At the event, which is full of eager customers, she manages to sell a Rolex for $45,000 and Kirk's Rolls Royce Ghost for $210,000. She's really making some money here. When the yellow Yamaha Banshee goes on sale, Yung Joc is ready to bid. However, the auction stops when Kirk rolls in with Ashley. Bad news for Rasheeda, who goes off. Then her mother follows suit -- you don't wanna mess with mama.

The situation gets worse when Ashley brings up the fact that Kirk cheated on Rahseeda in the past. So after kicking her out of the auction house, Rasheeda says that Ashley is done with D-Lo Entertainment. Meanwhile, customers are heading for the exit and sadly, Joc does not get his Banshee like he was hoping. Rasheeda and Kirk fight over money once again. He just can't deal with it and walks away.

Despite the auction shutdown, Rasheeda reveals that she made enough money to open up her own store. And when the couple goes home and reconciles, Kirk tells Rasheeda not to mess with his stuff anymore. She understands but needs Ashley to bring it down a notch and start respecting her. Otherwise, she's officially gone from D-Lo.

Yung Joc is still trying to mend his relationship with Khadiyah, who tied him up and left him in a bedroom covered in syrup because she found out he cheated on her with Sina. Khadiyah is so hurt that she admitted to leaving her own condo and staying at a hotel to be away from him. To get on her good side, he treats her to a spa treatment. Not only does he apologize for what happened, but he's also willing to give up the key she gave him to the condo. She agrees to go back home, but she tells him the lies and cheating must stop. So he better watch himself.

Karlie Redd and Joseline Hernandez meet up for a workout but really catch up on all of the gossip going down. Karlie tells Joseline about the Margeaux-Mimi standoff as well as the fact that Mimi and Stevie are representing Tiffany Foxx and Jessica Dime. While Joseline laughs at first, she's done with the giggles at that point because Stevie is only working with one artist: herself. If he's dealing with other women, then the wedding is off, according to Joseline. She confronts Stevie the next morning at breakfast and throws her orange juice at him. "F--- your wedding," she screams.

With all of the drama going on, this episode is one big cliffhanger. So definitely tune in next week to see how these bombs finally drop.

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