It's another week in ratchet TV on 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta,' and what better way to start things off commending Joseline Hernandez for being the chick that has two faces. There was a time in 'Love & Hip Hop' history that Jo had no problem keeping it real. If she didn't like you, you knew the deal. But now, the new Mrs. Jordan is doing a lot of pretending to be cool with people. However, not before stepping into her weekly confessional and letting the world know how she really feels. What happened Joseline? The Puerto Rican Princess was never one back down.

But while the former Ms. Hernandez is working on social skills in her Atlanta suburb, it looks like Kaleena and her husband, Tony, are stirring things up in their posh neighborhood and taking Tammy and Waka's place as the "new couple" on the show in the process. With no qualms, the former Diddy-Dirty Money singer tells the world, "I've always wanted a wife and a husband," and she's getting exactly what she wants with her man and her big booty best friend, Ashley. The only thing anyone can say about Tony is #WINNING!

Now time for the #LHHATL headlines.

For weeks people have looked as Althea as the good ol' girl next door, but for the last two episodes, the Thi Thi, as Rasheeda and the rest of the "industry" like to call her, has showed everyone exactly who she is: another video vixen getting her Superhead on. For those who aren't familiar with Althea's work, Rasheeda helps everyone remember she's the girl from her 'My Bubble Gum' video -- please raise your hand if you remember Thi Thi from this video or if you can point her out.

Recognizing that Althea's current nickname is Ho-Thea, Rasheeda confronts her long lost friend about her past ho-tendencies and tells her she needs to come clean with her current bill payer, Benzino, about anything she's hiding from him if she wants to keep him around.

Heeding Mrs. Frost's advice, Atlanta's round-the-way girl lights up the fireplace while getting her Adina Howard on ready to serve dinner in just her T-shirt and panties. Benzino might be a little special at times, but he's no fool. He knows the chick he's living with, and this is not her typical M.O. Zino asks her what's the deal, and Ho-Thea says, "You know me and Stevie got together right?" Cue The Weeknd, because now it's official, Thea is loving the crew! After Benzino lets out a deep sigh and puts his hand over his head, Althea says, "You should be happy that you have a good woman." Show of hands for anyone that thinks Thi Thi is a ho.

While Althea is trying to come up with ways to keep hope and love alive, Mimi decides to meet with Nikko and Dawn to discuss their publicity strategy for the ultimate sex tape. With all the back and forth about the profits of this tape, Mimi just can't seem to wrap her head around the fact that she's Atlanta's newest porn star.

"I'm just having some reservations about this tape; about everything actually," says Mimi. "The closer it gets to this tape being released, the more nervous I get. That's why it's so important for me to trust and rely on Nikko." But while Molly the Maid is so concerned about the release of the tape, she should be worried about the man that leaked her freak show. And what's worse, her PR team -- in this case, Dawn -- is more concerned about the profits than Mimi's alleged values.

"I know it may look bad and you're facing morals and ethics, but who cares? This is something for you to capitalize off of. I know you may feel a little insecure; don't worry about it," Dawn tells Mimi during their "team" meeting. If that isn't a red flag, then what is? But thank God for Ariane, the show's only voice of reason.

While driving in the car with Mimi, Ariane puts her hard-headed friend on front street. Ariane kindly reminds her how she was constantly disrespected by Stevie J, and asks why would she trade him in for a "trash bag." Ariane's theme of the day, "When does the cycle end?" But hey, Molly the Maid is a grown woman. If she wants to be oblivious to the truth, then she gets what she gets.

To top off this hip-hop fairy tale, Mimi's BFF pays a visit to Nikko for a little one-on-one conversation at the gym. Not happy about Ariane's pop-up session, Mr. Smith tells Ariane to kick rocks. "I feel like you're a fake friend. I feel like you want to capitalize off of everything with her. I feel like you want to move into the house," he says.

And scene! Tune into more drama next week.