Season three has been anything but nice for Mimi Faust -- minus her newfound porn star fame -- and last night's episode of #'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' wasn't any kinder to her. As the opening credits start rolling, fans see Mimi curled up on her couch, sifting through old pictures of her father just hours after finding out he passed away from complications of a recent stroke.

Coping with the fact that he was her "last living parent," Mimi finally begins to break down after spending the last 13 episodes trying to act like the world's most notorious bad ass. But even though she's going through one of the most emotional times of her life, Stevie J doesn't find any reason to hold back from engaging in their ongoing post-relationship battle. Once word gets around about Mimi's father, Stevie allegedly sends baby mama No. 4 a text saying, "Karma's a bitch!"

Clearly someone needs to call Kanye and start playing 'Heartless' because no one knew Steven Jordan was "as cold as the winter wind when it breeze, yo." But then again, everyone sees how he runs through women, so maybe they did.

To make things worse, Good Golly Miss Molly feels like Nikko is the only one in her corner. C'mon son, Nikko though? "Right now I feel like the only people I have on my side are Nikko and my daughter." Guess Mimi forgot about her girls -- even if they are disappointed and disgusted with her new line of work.

Ready to put all angst about the latest "scandal in Atlanta" to the side, Ariane reaches out to her girl to see how she's doing. "My dad, he really was my friend," Mimi utters in tears. "This is so final. There's no more phone calls... There's no more..." Between the sex tape and her father, it's only a matter of time before Mimi checks out of reality and into a spa getaway. It's clear she needs help, so Ariane steps in and asks Stevie to lunch. In true Stevie form, Sleazo avoids the topic at hand until his ex's BFF gets right to the point, asking how he could gun for Mimi on the day her father died.

In Stevie's eyes, there's no good time to throw up the white flag -- even if it is to offer a simple condolence nod. Regardless of Mimi's current situation, SJ is over the "bulls---" and tired of being berated for being a bad father when he claims he's far from such. In fact, Stevie says Mimi is using him as an excuse to justify her sex tape experiment. "I believe Mimi made a huge mistake, and she'll do anything to explain this disaster she created," Stevie J tells Ariane over lunch.

For whatever reason, Sleazo is completely detached from the fact that Mimi's dad died. He says he's sorry, but is adamant about karma being a bitch. But of course, VH1 can't have SJ looking like a total jerk, so he reminisces on how he felt when he first met Mimi and the good person she used to be. "I remember when I met her [she] was just jazzy [and] spunky... Every time I saw her it was like the first time, I fell in love with that but now every time I see her she doesn't have that twinkle in her eye... She's with this scum bag and it's f---ing her up," he explains.

While Mimi, Stevie J and Ariane are trying to work through their "framily" drama, Karlie Redd and Yung Joc seem to be back in a good place -- finally recording 'Heartbreaker' in the studio. Looking to win some points, Joc tells Karlie he's played the track for a few people and they like what they hear. And according to the former A-Town hit maker, "If Karlie could actually manage to act right, we could actually have a hit on our hands." And the only thing she can think about is the fact that she's an "underrated, underestimated" artist. "People underestimate me as an artist, but it's time to change all that. The fact that Joc is willing to push this song let's me know that he supports me 100 percent," she shares.

But the real question here is how has Joc already played the song for people if the two of them are currently in the studio recording the track? Come on script writing minions, let's get the continuity in the script together.

Moving right along, anyone that's a true fan of the show knows Joc and Karlie can't possible be happy for long. The businessman-turned-rapper tells his chick he's going out of town for a couple days, and you can only imagine how that scenario ends. Baby Mama Erica tells her BFF to "kick it wit cha girl," because she's getting ready to launch her new clothing line, Class 6. Does anyone else think of 'Girl Six' when hearing that title?

On a mission to see what other fashion brands are creating, Erica asks Karlie tag along to a few fashion events for the weekend. Scrappy's been ghost the entire episode, so he inevitably pops up during one of the weekend fashion rendezvouses. After some serious flirting, Scrap tells Erica and Karlie he's calling it a night, but not before running into Joc and his sidepiece, Ms. Piggy. In case anyone forgot, Joc is supposed to be out of town. Scrappy warns his boy that his baby mama is there with her feisty best friend, and that they're both staring him down.

Then the credits start rolling. Guess that's VH1's way of saying "See ya next week."

P.S. Kaleena's doctor instructs her not to have anymore sex until her baby is born. We'll see how that goes.