After several weeks of lackluster drama, 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' viewers were thoroughly entertained during the 11th episode when the soap opera featured fights, surprise engagements and insults galore ("bum bitch" is one of the funnier lines of the show). So instead of reflecting on the random nonsense before the juice, we'll just jump right into the land of the ratchet.

It's been who knows how many days weeks since Scrappy has seen the lustful Erica Pinkett, but for whatever reason he decides to meet with her to officially cut off the physical part of their friendship. Immediately diving all into her feelings, EP, as Scrap likes to call her, starts saying "good riddance" and "thank God it's goodbye" because she knows she "deserves better."

Unfortunately for her, the feigning for Atlanta's most dramatic MC comes out when her public tantrum is followed by "why are we always just friends?" Meanwhile, Scrappy, acting as the class comedian for the day, quickly develops multiple personality disorder when Pinkett starts popping questions. He takes a minute to sideline with himself so he can determine what answer his government persona of Darryl Richardson will give versus his alter ego, Scrappy.

At the end of the day, Erica is not amused, and begins running her mouth while Scrap repeatedly refers to her as a "bum bitch." However, EP's comeback is priceless as it makes absolutely no sense. "At the end of the day you say you're a rapper, but you're emotional," she states. Just to clarify, rappers can't have feelings? Erica Pinkett must not listen to Drake or anyone else on the Young Money roster.

Then by surprise -- including the security -- EP and Darryl Richardson are making passionate threats about slapping the "sh---" out of each other, and moments later the camera goes black to disrupt any violent acts viewers may see. When the camera returns, Erica's weave is sitting in 12 different directions and Scrappy is being dragged outside by three 250-plus-pound guards. It's horrible to say, but did anyone start singing "I put them paws on 'em, put them paws on 'em / I put them paws on 'em, gonna put them paws on 'em"?

In true Momma Dee fashion, the Queen of Atlanta pays Erica P. a surprise visit after hearing about the public fiasco days before. She wants to hear Pinkett's side of the story, and playing the victim card, EP starts spraying the water works. EP explains how Momma Dee's son just isn't ready to be a man.

"How could [he] put me through what [he] said [he] would never f---ing put me through," Erica rhetorically asks Atlanta's most imposing mom. Momma Dee's response is simple: "This will never happen again, and I apologize on his behalf." Unfortunately, Ms. Dee can't guarantee the actions of her son. But everyone knows they can't tell her that.

While Scrappy, Erica Pinkett and Momma Dee are involved in that dramatic triangle, Waka Flocka Flame and his girl, Tammy Rivera, are secretly planning the next steps in their lives. During last week's episode, Waka asked Tammy to elope, and she said she would have to let him know. But during this episode, she's singing a much different tune.

The ATL couple make a trip down to the courthouse on a southern rainy day as boyfriend and girlfriend, but the two leave as man and wife. With tears rolling down her face, Tammy expresses her sheer joy during her confessional. "Waka's showing me that there's no woman in this world he would rather be with than with me... The only thing I can think of is that I'm Mrs. Malphurs... This was our destiny," she says.

Sadly, Debra Antney and Mona, Tammy's mother, don't share the same excitement as the hip-hop's newlyweds. However, Tammy doesn't seem to be worried about anyone else. "Me and Waka made a decision on our own for our family," she explains.

But as Waka and Tammy are exchanging vows in front of a judge, Benzino is plotting a romantic proposal for get-around-town Althea. But people can't say much to the Hip Hop Weekly owner anymore because he popped the question before the episode is over. Sitting in a ferris wheel with a bouquet of flowers, Zino pops a bottle of champagne while explaining his love and appreciation for Althea's need to be "real" and how she's there for the kid when times are hard.

"Did you ever think you wold come to Atlanta and find your soul mate?" Benzino asks Thea. Of course "No" is Thi-Thi's first response, but she continues by saying, "I'm never gonna leave you. I"m never gonna be with no other man ever." As soon as those words come out of her mouth, Zino gets down on one knee and pulls out a phat diamond ring. With tears pouring out of her eyes, Althea starts screaming "Oh, my God, oh my, God." But what she really means is "Oh, my God, I came up! I finally bagged one!"

To wrap up an episode filled with new beginnings and violent goodbyes, Kaleena says so long to her lover Ashley. Kaleena's husband Tony is tired of having a jump-off included in their marriage. According to Kaleena's girlfriend, her man "is the distraction," but what she seems to forget is at the end of the day he gets half, not her.

Tune in next week to find out if there may be a sprinkle of love in the ratchet lives of hip-hop.