This week's episode of 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' is filled with so many shock-and-awe moments that it didn't seem like anyone could get passed the fact that Mimi and Nikko are still stuck on the release of their sextape porno, 'Scandal in Atlanta.' It's beyond clear that these two need this risque business venture in order for Mona Scott-Young to find either one of them relevant in this season.

The in-your-face, let's-explore-every-position, do-my-chin-ups-turn-you-on Steve Hirsch-produced flick has been on the market for months now. Unfortunately for Mimi and Nikko, the storyline is played out -- it's time to ask the writers for an updated script or realize your time on VH1 is up.

But Ms. Faust and Mr. Smith aren't the only ones going through #LHHATL screenwriters' block. Kirk and Rasheeda have been working on their marriage since the end of last season. They've got to make a decision. Stay married, don't or do like Mimi and Nikko and say "Yeah, OK." (Shout out to DJ Self and Fab for that one).

This week's Frost/Buckner highlight is when Kirk decides to snap his mother-in-law's Chanel sunglasses in half to prove to her that material things really do matter. For those that don't remember, Mama Buckner backed over Kirk's motorcycle with her SUV causing it to set on fire. That only happened after her scandalous son-in-law tried to get involved with a few chicks in a hot tub.

As far as Bambi goes, it's nice to see her and Scrappy make their dramatic return to Monday night TV after taking a brief hiatus from experiencing uncontrollable public tantrums. Scrappy decides to meet up with Kirk and Yung Joc for advice on how to woo his woman even though he claims he's not in love with The Bam. Just to recap, Kirk was repeatedly unfaithful to his wife, and Joc was repeatedly unfaithful to his girlfriend -- the same girlfriend that hasn't been seen by his side in the past two episodes. But hey, if this is who Scrap turns to for guidance then good luck to him!

Today's sidenote, why is Karlie Redd running around the ATL looking like an older replica of Ciara? Where did the blonde bob weave come from?

But jumping into the juice, Tammy, Waka Flocka Flame and his momager, Deb Antney finally make their return to #LHHATL. The first thing anyone hears out of the ATL rapper's mouth is, "I don't want a wedding anymore." Hats off to VH1 for their great editing skills because Waka's hitch-no-more scene aired as an episode preview, and Tammy's WTF face was priceless.

Spoiler alert: half a second later, Tam is full of laughs and smiles because what Waka is really saying is, "I just want to go straight to the courthouse." And who said there wasn't love in hip-hop anymore? Clearly, no one believes that in this episode because this mash-up of make-ups and break-ups was all about the love -- or at least what to do to get it back.

Last week, the good producers at VH1 left hundreds of thousands of people wondering what happened with Benzino and Althea after she confessed to sleeping with the homie, Stevie J. Two scenes later, he was leaving his girl behind to jump on a flight to Boston to attend his mother's funeral. As many already know, Zino was shot in the arm and sat with an additional bullet grazing his back all during his mother's homegoing procession. While highlighting this storyline, VH1 cuts to news footage of police and ambulance patrolling the highway after the Hip Hop Weekly owner was rushed to a hospital outside Boston.

Benzino wakes up in a hospital room to Althea waiting beside his bed. She lets her know he doesn't want to fight anymore. The next thing #LHHATL viewers see is Sleazo walking in the room and Zino telling him he knows what happened, but it doesn't matter. Stevie shakes his head, acknowledging what was said, but goes into his confessional saying whatever Benzino thinks he knows never happened.

There are only a handful of emotionally moving moments that go down on this show, and the passing of Benzino's mother is one of them. But now, Zino's final comments can be added to that list. "What I've learned is that sometimes money and family don't mix... My blood was on the casket, and that's going with her," he states.

Rest in Peace, Mary Scott.