There were no Twitter shenanigans, dramatic media runs, or stage hype to announce one of the greatest emcees in the history of hip-hop's new album. But Black Thought's new EP, produced entirely by 9th Wonder has arrived.

The five-track project features Rapsody, Styles P, and KIRBY and the album art was created by Rashid Johnson.

"I’ve always been inspired by visual art. I was a visual artist when I was younger and did every type of medium. Self expression before music,” Black Thought tweeted about the album art. “For the Streams of Thought project I wanted the best artwork, especially from other Black artists with similar reference points. Rashid and I explore memory, him through material. African soap and wax, both familiar to his childhood. Follow his markings and you can notice an internal rhythm. This painting also looks at individual and collective angst.”

The veteran emcee recently talked about the origin of his name, and how its meaning has transcended as he's grown in the game.

“I feel like Black Thought is a name that has so much meaning and depth, not only to me but to my fans, that it’s something that I wanted to hold onto a little bit tighter,” Black Thought recently told NPR's Rodney Carmichael in an in-depth sit-down.

9th Wonder is also working on The Root's upcoming 12th studio album, End Game. You can take a listen to Streams Of Thought Vol 1. below. Purchase it on iTunes here.


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