Leading up to the release of new album Neva Left, which drops this Friday, May 19, Snoop has been dropping off singles, the latest being the banging, bass heavy "Swivel."

As with his previously released singles including "Mount Rushmore" featuring Method Man, Redman and B-Real, it sounds like Snoop is returning to his 90s roots and the signature Cali, G-funk sound that made him a household name.

The track, produced by veteran producer Rick Rock finds Snoop repeating a simple chorus: "I can send a missile/I got my head on a swivel, swivel/I got my head on a swivel/Eyes peeled when I wiggle/I got my head on a swivel, swivel."

"Ayy back up off me, you playing me close/You bout to be hot buttered on a breakfast toast
I rock it out and find my way into the endzone/A couple cheerleaders want to be in my friendzone/I tell 'em "Cool," I keep my head in the game/Cause I'm ahead of the game and I'm a veteran man," Snoop raps on the third verse.

The track is hard, and a proper prelude to his new album, which should only further solidify why Snoop is among the most consistent rappers in the game. Check it out above.

Neva Left drops on May 19.


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