Kid Cudi's fans must be over the moon. The "Pursuit of Happiness" rhymer announced that his next album, Speedin' Bullet to Heaven, will include a double disc. That means double the songs for Cudi aficionados.

The Man on the Moon creator dropped the news via Twitter on Monday (Sept. 28). And fans should expect more than music. The second disc will feature rehearsal sessions, outtakes, demos, unreleased "jams" and more according to Cudder.

Hip-hop fans can also look forward to two new songs from him on Friday, along with his single, "Confused" which was released in early August. It seems Cudi is letting his artsy muscles flex as he designed the new cover art for the track which features letters individually cut-out from a magazine and a long-haired man looking down.

The 31-year-old artist has been making a steady comeback. He was also one of the four artists that Kanye West brought out during his "808s & Heartbreak" show last Friday (Sept. 25).

His return has been one long awaited for after rising to fame in the late 2000s and his fans are all here for it. They're even being moved to tears with the news.

One tweeted: "man I'm gonna cry," while another said "making me all emotional and shit, babe stop it!!!"

Others are just bursting with joy at the thought of new tunes. "I do not think I can contain my excitement for this piece of art u r bestowing upon us...," tweeted a fan.

There's no word on when the double feature will be released, but it seems the date will come next week, as Cudi relayed on Instagram.

Check out Kid Cudi's new cover art below as well as what fans are saying about the announcement below.

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