Rapper Kid Cudi pulled somewhat of a Beyonce and released his new project 'Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon' early Tuesday morning (Feb. 25). Initially, the LP was due in April but the Cudder changed his mind.

The 10-track collection, which is available on iTunes now, features only one guest appearance from singer-songwriter Raphael Saadiq. Much of the music sounds like it was recorded in outer space. There’s lots of eerie synths, computer blips and bombastic orchestral productions (listen to 'Return of the Moon Man') on the album.

On the ethereal 'Too Bad I Have to Destroy You Now,' Cudi says he’s rejuvenated and is in a positive space (no pun intended).

"Pardon my wizard talk / But I’m elevated / No drink, no trees, I’m levitated / I got my own infirm, baby / I’m taking care of nobody but my daughter and my mom," he raps.

After releasing the album, Cudi went on Twitter to get a consensus on everyone's thoughts about his new music. So far, his fans are elated and expressed their gratitude on the rapper’s timeline.

Check out the tweets below.