Kid Cudi knows his new side project might be something of a hard sell.

Originally called Wizard, then 2 Be Continuum, and now W Z R D -- a name he announced late last week -- it's a collaboration between the Cleveland rapper and producer Dot da Genius. Cudi has promised "wizardry at its finest," and now, he's letting the public decide.

Last night (Nov. 21), Cudi released 'Brake,' a tune from an as-yet-untitled album due out Jan. 30, the MC's birthday. Just as quickly, he took to Twitter to defend the sludgy guitar-driven cut.

"To the people that dont like it, I do, and I feel good about it," he wrote. "Thats all that matters. This s--- is awesome, f--- all that other s--- ha [sic]."

Despite the tune's meandering pace and somber feel, the lyrics find Kid in self-affirmation mode, going full speed ahead, even though he has "no light to guide my way."

"Nothing that no one can say/ I'm gonna find my will to live," he sings.

It's not the catchiest song in the world, but W Z R D might still cast some spells on the pop charts.

"One things for certain, this will never be on the radio," Cudi tweeted. "[H]a no worries, we got something for that ;)"

Listen to Kid Cudi's Brake'