Over the past year, Justin Bieber has been blasted time and time again in the press for his wild antics (remember his egg-throwing scandal or when he urinated in a nightclub mop bucket?). Things have gotten so crazy that Americans have even started a petition to get the Canadian pop star deported. Now Kid Cudi opens up about the 20-year-old singer's misbehavior.

"I hope to God that [Bieber] goes through all this s--- and realizes, 'Damn, I was wilin','" the rapper tells Esquire. "He got a couple more mistakes to make, and he need to make them. When you're in our position, you are single-handedly responsible for multiple people's livelihoods. When I was on cocaine, I would lash out at whoever was closest. I got comfortable having everything I wanted. So everybody loses their way, because it's not normal. But you have to get to that point where it's like, 'All right, man, let's grow up.'"

Even though Cudi has dealt with his own drug problems, he admits to the men's lifestyle magazine that he hasn't completely grown out of his childish ways. However, unlike Bieber, he does have a bit more respect for what other people do -- like those in the service industry.

"I still do juvenile s--- here and there," Cudi states. "But I'm not doin' no dumb s---, like pissing in mop buckets, because I got respect for people's s---, and I lived a real life. I used to work at restaurants where I mopped the floor. Justin Bieber hasn't worked a real job, ever, in his life. So he don't know what it's like to fill that mop bucket, go to work, see that motherf---ers didn't clean it the night before and you have to pour it out and put clean water in there. He didn't think about that, because he's just a kid. He ain't lived."

Cudi finds that he shouldn't even be critiquing Bieber for his actions as the rapper isn't his father -- something he's pretty grateful for. "I don't usually have anyone telling me when I'm wrong in my life," the 'Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon' creator shares. "There's no one telling any celebrities 'don't.' No one is telling Miley Cyrus 'don't.' No one is telling Justin Bieber 'don't.' But it's not even my place to speak about that boy. I don't even know why I got into it. He ain't my son, thank God."

Kid Cudi's latest LP, 'Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon,' is out now. To read the rest of his interview with Esquire, click here or check out the upcoming May issue.