Kid Cudi hasn’t been resting on his acting laurels. The rapper-actor will return to television for a cameo appearance on Fox’s newest comedy series, 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine.'

In an episode entitled ’48 Hours,’ Cudder plays a witty criminal named Dustin who detective Jake Peralta (played by funnyman Andy Samberg) is convinced robbed a jewelry store. The running gag between these two adversaries is that Dustin always calls Jake by another name -- "Joke."

In the video above, Jake grills Dustin in the interrogation room with hopes of getting a confession out of him. The bumbling detective has 48 hours to collect evidence against Dustin or else he walks.

You can watch Kid Cudi show off his comedic acting chops when 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' airs Tuesday (Nov. 5) at 8:30PM ET.

Watch a Sneak Peek of Kid Cudi on 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'