Once again, a concertgoer breaks the unwritten rule of jumping on stage when a rapper is performing. Kid Cudi has made it clear in the past that he prefers to have an uninterrupted stage show and those who violate, felt the consequences. Apparently, one fan didn't get the memo.

On Thursday (Oct. 17), during the Houston stop of his The Cud Life tour, Mr. Rager had to give a crazed fan that work after he jumped onstage during his performance.

In a video obtained by Montreality, Cudi, dressed as Iron Man, heroically strong-arms a fan right off the stage. The guy literally tumbles off the stage like Humpy Dumpty on a brick wall.

Afterward, the 'Day N Nite' rapper walks back to the center of the stage and tells the crowd, "Not on my watch. It's been five years, I've been waiting."

It's quite a hilarious moment.

The stage crasher should be grateful that he didn't end up like this person or this guy. You get the point.

Let this be a lesson to future Kid Cudi concertgoers -- don't mess with Mescudi.