Amidst the various altercations, pregnancy announcements and cross dressings that occurred on and off the stage at the 2011 MTV VMAs this year, Kid Cudi has made an attempt to clear the record regarding a bit of gossip recording his antics on Sunday night (Aug. 28).

TMZ reports that the 'Day 'N' Night' rapper was caught smoking in the audience, while Lady Gaga took the stage to accept her award for Best Female Video, ignoring the Nokia Theatre's strict no smoking policy.

Though TMZ claims that "honchos" at the VMAs promptly dispatched an usher to chastise Cudi, who "was asked to put it out and he complied," the G.O.O.D. Music signee denies the claims, contending that he was never approached, nor warned, but rather put out his cigarette of his own volition when he was done.

"Lets be clear, last night NO ONE told me to put my cigarette out, I was done smoking it," he writes on his website. "NO ONE approached me, not once. Be clear!!!"

While the truth regarding the smoking incident may never come to light, MTV has confirmed his involvement in another VMA moment -- when Tyler, the Creator fell off the stage after receiving his award for Best New Artist, he fell into the arms of none other than Cudder and Kanye West.

Kid Cudi is currently hard at work on his forthcoming 2 Be Continuum rock album 'Wizard,' and his third solo LP, 'Man on the Moon III.'

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