Kid Cudi was the target of some aggresive tweets posted by Mark Ronson protege and Roc Nation signee Daniel Merriweather over the weekend. Merriweather attacked Cudi after a run-in at a New York City club.

The Australian crooner began his tirade against Cudi seemingly out of nowhere, tweeting "Cudi #douchbag [sic]." He went on to explain, "This 'kid' was pushin people round last night then relying on security for things ... Man thinks he's a lion when reliance on real fugs is required."

Merriweather continued to antagonize Cudi a few hours later. "@ step out from behind the security next time instead of starting something then hiding away bro, iv got 2 hands and 2 feet #STOMP." Kid Cudi responded to Merriweather, accepting his challenge to fight. "Ok dan, next time friend," he wrote. "Promise, on my dads grave." The two have yet to set a date.

Merriweather, 28, released his official debut album, 'Love & War,' in 2009. It shot to no. 2 in the U.K. thanks to the success of the soul-meets-pop singles 'Red' and 'Change.' Meanwhile, Cudi is currently preparing his third album, 'Wizard,' and a new mixtape, titled 'A Man Named Scott,' which are both due later this year.

Watch Kid Cudi's 'Erase Me' Video

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