Kid Cudi was one of the many artists who appeared at the Coachella music festival over the weekend. However, the rapper's clothing choice has generated mixed reactions on social media networks.

The 'Day ’N' Night rhymer decided to beat the heat by wearing a red crop top shirt, which revealed his toned stomach and A Bathing Ape underwear.

The reactions ranged from pure hate to a Kanye West shrug. "Kid cudi a thot for wearing a crop top to Coachella," wrote one person on Twitter. Another commenter didn’t see what the brouhaha was all about. "Y’all acting like Kid Cudi in a crop top is revolutionary when Prince was rocking crops almost 30 years ago. #Please," she tweeted.

Based on Cudi’s previous fashion statements, wearing a crop top and skinny-jean shorts isn’t too far from his normal style.

The question that everyone is asking now: Will Cudi’s crop top become a summer fashion trend?

Not likely. Check out some of the slander below.

What do you think of Kid Cudi's crop top shirt? Is this a new trend in summer fashion? Tell us in the comments below.

Kid Cudi
Kevin Winter, Getty Images