"New Kung Fu Kenny."

If you haven't realized it yet, that's Kid Capri's voice saying those words, and he was basically given the job of narrator on Kendrick Lamar's Damn album.

"I came to the studio and recorded a lot of stuff," said Capri in an interview with Mass Appeal. "They took what they wanted, placed it where they needed to place it. I think they've got some more stuff. There are some more things coming out later but for right now, that's what happened."

Capri also said that he didn't hear the album until it was released.

"I didn't even hear the album," he said. "I didn't want to hear anything until it was done, so when I heard it last night, that was my first time just like it was yours--and my phone hasn't stopped ringing yet, man. It's crazy."

And as far as Capri's thoughts on the LP, he couldn't be more pleased with it.

"Incredible album," he stated. "And the fact that he didn't overdo it with me but made me the narrator of the album, I thought that was brilliant for two reasons: One, it shows the authenticity, but it also brings another level of bringing East Coast and West Coast together."

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