We've heard of rap beef, but this is a new one. Legendary DJ Kid Capri is going after Hot 97 radio personality Funkmaster Flex. Apparently, Flex said he was the best DJ in New York City during one of his epic rants on his Hot 97 radio show, and that didn't sit well for Capri.

Offended by Flex’s declaration, Capri jumped on Instagram on Saturday (June 23) and challenged him to a DJ battle.

"You talkin’ greezy? You the best from the city? You gonna have to prove it to me now. Now, you gotta wall you gotta run through," he said. "Me. Kid Capri. I’m calling you out. I want all the smoke. Do what you gotta do...we still family and I still love you to death, but you need a spanking. You talk too crazy. You talk too crazy, and I’m gonna shut you up.”

Now behind the scenes, it appears that Capri was trying to get him to answer his challenge, but Flex seemed uninterested. The Hot 97 DJ then shared a screenshot of a text message he wrote to Capri.

“No friendship lost!” Flex wrote in part. “Peace my brother! U can say or do whatever you feel fit as a man! I don’t answer to you bruh!”

Capri then responded back, "FLEX! You are lame; I SEE YOU PUTTING UP OUR TEXT CONVO ON SOME SNEAKY SHIT!!! Lolololol."

"MAKE SURE YOU TELL THEM THAT KID CAPRI TEXTED YOU LIKE A MAN TODAY AND YOU SAID THAT YOU DON’T HAVE TO EXPLAIN ANYTHING TO ME, YOU GOT A BIIIIIIIIG HEAD FLEX, AND NOBODY SAYS ANYTHING TO YOU, so go on your radio show and talk all the shit you want," he continued. "Everybody knows you talk to much and you need your ass whipped on a stage in front of everybody!!!!!! So go ahead and talk your shit to your fans that don’t know any better, BUT THEY GON LEARN TODAY!!! and one more thing, DON’T TELL A LIE ABOUT ME AND I WONT TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT YOU!!!!"

Flex then posted one of Capri's videos and wrote in the caption, "HE BIG MAD!!!! Hahahah! Fam u alright??? damn u bitter??? DJS THIS IS HOW IT LOOKS AND SOUNDS WHEN U FALL OFF! Doggie u high??? Killer put your shirt on??? U aight???"

Behind the scenes, it looks like Capri and Flex were thumb-thugging it out via text messages. Capri shared a screenshot of a text message of him answering to Flex. In the caption, it reads in part, "You just sent me a corny ass Ig text, about I’m not on the radio???? YOU BIG DUMMY I HAVE ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS ON @siriusxmfly."

"MY LIVE SHOWS SELL OUT EVERYWHERE I GO!! PROMOTERS IN NEW YORK HAS TO PAY ME!! NOT THAT $700 SHIT YOU GET TO PLAY IN CLUBS IN NEW YORK, I GET PAID ARTIST MONEY FOOL!! SINCE 1991 TIL NOW!! HEAVY!!!!!!! I’M ON THE ROAD ALL YEAR EVERY YEAR, I’M ON TWO GRAMMY WINNING ALBUMS AND DO I HAVE TO GO INTO ALLLLLLLL OF MY DOPE SHIT???" he continued. "LISTEN DUMP MASTER FLEX, you know what I do! I MAKE CROWDS STOP DANCING TO WATCH ME!! Chicks leave your parties talking very very bad about you, ask anybody!!! That’s bad when woman hate you but gotta deal with you like everybody gotta deal with your wack ass radio show!!!"

We don't know where their feud is headed, but we would like to see Kid Capri battle Funkmaster Flex on the turntables.

Check out Kid Cudi and Funkmaster Flex's heated exchanges below.


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