Summer might be coming to a close, but Kelela is continuing to turn up the heat with her new track, 'OICU.'

Collaborating with NYC-based rapper Le1f, Kelela sings over a P Morris-produced beat that's full of different drum patterns yet it's still light enough not to overpower her airy vocals.

Similar to the fluidity of 'The High,' which she released earlier this year, 'OICU' is clearly detailing her insatiable appetite in the bedroom.

"I waited all night, baby / And I'm feelin' like another round / And the white bites got me crazy / And my body's so impatient now / Baby, things have changed since I saw you last time / You been doing your thing and you see me doing mine," she sings.

She continues to lure her man -- in this case Le1f -- to get in her car and go home with her. But before she takes that step, her playful lyrics in the pre-chorus prove that she's not as innocent as her light vocals could make her out to be.

"It could be so amazing / All we need is one night / If you let your guard down baby / You'll survive the fight," she coos.

This is the latest release following her debut mixtape, 'CUT 4 ME,' earlier this year. We have no doubt that she has more tracks up her sleeve after this one, but in the meantime, listen to 'OICU' below.

Listen to Kelela's 'OICU' Feat. Le1f