All eyes are on Kelela Mizanekristos right now. The Los Angeles-based artist made a big splash last year with her mixtape, 'Cut 4 Me.' Her contribution on Solange’s 'Saint Heron' compilation didn’t hurt either. Now she’s back with a new single titled 'The High.'

The song, produced by Gifted & Blessed, is a pulsating track on which the 30-year-old songstress coos intimate sexual metaphors to her lover.

"Your hands are firmly around my waist / Then moving south my savin’ grace / Patience was wearin’ oh-so thin / A surge of adrenaline," she sings.

During the six-minute track, there are moments where Kelela is sighing and oohing for sexual contact. "I’ll do anything for the high," she yearns.

'The High’ is certainly a slow-burning love song that will make you feel tingly inside.

If you want to see Kelela live, she'll be performing at the SXSW music conference in Austin, Texas from March 12 to March 14. That’s followed by a Los Angeles show on April 2 and a concert at Brooklyn, N.Y.’s Rough Trade venue on April 3.

Listen to the song below and get hooked on Kelela’s intoxicating R&B sound.

Listen to Kelela's 'The High'