Embattled R&B singers Cedric "K-Ci" and Joel "JoJo" Hailey premiere their new reality series 'Come Clean' tonight (Oct. 19) on TV One. The show follows the duo through an intense, 35-day alcohol and substance abuse program that included counseling, living together and even undergoing blood transfusions in order to begin the sobriety process. Though the episodes were filmed back in April, the brothers admitted in a press conference that there are no easy solutions; they're still living by the one-day-at-a-time philosophy and looking to loved ones for support.

"I've been talking to my pastor every day," K-Ci admitted. "I had to talk to somebody to help keep me straight. This is not an easy road. When you've done something for a long time, like we have, you can't go through this by yourself. People always ask me, 'K-Ci, how long have you been sober?' If I say 30 days or a year, that's a lie. I say, 'Look, every day I wake up, I thank God and I say every day is the first day of my sobriety."

"After the cameras stopped," explained JoJo, "I had to go home to my wife and she's a beast when it comes to health and when it comes to doing something right, and I thank God for my wife. Lights, camera, action, off! Hello, honey!"

"We also had to call mama and daddy," added K-Ci.

"Every day, that's a must," agreed his brother.

K-Ci and JoJo will begin performing limited live dates in November and plan to add more in December and the new year. Asked about when some new music might be expected, JoJo told a reporter, "I'll make you a promise. As soon as this interview is over, let's get in the studio today."

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