After confessing and turning himself in for a murder he committed in 1993, rapper G. Dep is now singing a different tune. The former Bad Boy recording artist appeared in a Manhattan Supreme Court yesterday and entered a not guilty plea, contradicting his previous confession of slaying John Henkel 17 years ago.

The Harlem rapper's lawyer, Anthony Ricco, told reporters that the not guilty plea is a procedural part of the process, allowing him time to examine the confession and make sure that it's accurate. Ricco claims to have doubts about the authenticity of the confession and suspects that G. Dep, who has a history of PCP abuse, was under the influence of drugs when he turned himself over to authorities.

"We want to make sure that we're dealing with the reality of what actually happened that night," explained Ricco of his client.

Last month, the 36-year-old MC, whose real name is Trevell Coleman, walked into Manhattan's 25th Precinct and confessed to the 17-year-old murder. The 'Special Delivery' rapper later explained it was an attempt to atone for his sins to a higher power. "I'm just trying to get right with God," he said. "I started to wonder if all the bad things that happened to me in my life were karma for what I did ... you start to think 'My happiness is because of someone else's sadness.' I thought that if I turned myself in, it might give me closure."

If convicted, G. Dep faces 25-years to life.

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