In recent years, Flavor Flav has turned himself into an accomplished reality television star, and the famed Public Enemy member is apparently eyeing his next television deal as we speak. After a move to Iowa in order to open up his first chicken restaurant, Flav has decided that he finally wants to legitimately earn a high school diploma and is now targeting a deal to make a show out of his journey.

Flav, real name William Drayton Jr., grew up in Freeport, N.Y., but has clearly taken a shining to Clinton, Iowa, after opening his restaurant there. According to multiple sources, he would like the new show to be called 'Flavor Flav Goes Back to High School' and has already met with the local school superintendent and a member of the school board. Flav will approach the full school board in the next couple weeks.

"I want this show to be able to influence people my age, that if you dropped out of high school when you were young it's never too late to go back to get your diploma," he said in an interview.

Not surprisingly, the Clinton school district is not quite on board yet. The superintendent, Deb Olson, has already spoken out against the show, calling the concept "a substantial disruption to the school day" and adding that Flav could get involved in the school in other ways that don't have "an adverse effect on students."

Either way, Flav will still release his anticipated memoir, 'Icon,' next month.

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