Members of the hip-hop collective Justus League were involved in a car accident Wednesday (Feb. 24) while on tour in Vermont. Joe Scudda, Chanudon, Jozeemo and Little Brother group member Big Pooh, along with his manger Big Dho, were all involved in the crash and broke the news via Twitter.

Scudda tweeted that the accident occurred while on a tour stop, when their vehicle careened out of control on a snow-covered highway. "I just saw my entire life flash before my eyes!" he wrote. "We did a 360 in the snow on the highway and got T boned by a tractor trailer!" Scudda also revealed that although the men were transported to a nearby hospital they were all released. Despite the incident the group were able to make it to their show in a Vermont club later that night.

The Justus League is comprised of several emcees, mostly from North Carolina, and include founding member Ceasar Camanche, hip-hop group Little Brother, producer 9th Wonder.

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