Justin Bieber returns for the seventh release in his Music Mondays series, which features its first guest appearance: R. Kelly.

The 19-year-old singer takes a page from The-Dream's notebook for this five-minute electronic jam made for the bedroom -- and on the roof or balcony. R. Kelly "doesn't care who sees," of course.

'PYD' -- short for 'Put You Down' -- features Bieber switching from moans to a temperature-raising falsetto as he sings, "From the stove to the counter top dining room table are you ready? / I'ma put you down." Racy stuff, but at least he's not as down on himself as he was in the last installment of 'All Bad.'

Bieber has three more songs left for what has been an entertaining Music Monday series. If it goes along as scheduled, the series will end on Dec. 9, which is a day before R. Kelly's 'Black Panties' hits store shelves.


Listen to Justin Bieber's 'PYD' Feat. R. Kelly