We're on Justin Bieber's sixth release in the Music Monday series and things haven't looked up for the singer. Everything is 'All Bad' on his new song.

This installment has Bieber relying on the clacking drums of the instrumental to relay his emotions. The crooner tries to convince what was supposed to be his better half -- or maybe himself -- that he's a decent guy despite all the distractions in their relationship.

"They try to get at me, they try to get at me / But honey you're bad, you're bad, you're bad / They try to tell me that I'm just like the others / That I ain't all bad," he sings on the hook.

Perhaps the Biebs is referring to old flame Selena Gomez on the song. We may just find out before this music series is over. However, his recent alleged tryst with a Brazillian prostitute last week doesn't really help his cause though.

The Music Monday series is set to continue through next month when his movie 'Believe' arrives on Christmas Day.

Listen to Justin Bieber's 'All Bad'