After eluding authorities for a month, only to be apprehended in New York City on Tuesday (June 21), Jimmy "Henchmen" Rosemond has entered a not guilty plea in response to drug traffic charges.

According to reports, Rosemond, who is being held without bond, is accused of leading a bi-coastal drug trafficking organization, which transported cocaine and narcotics between Los Angeles and New York. The 21-page complaint pinpoints Rosemond as the mastermind behind the deal, distributing "hundreds of kilograms of cocaine since 2008 and generated millions of dollars through its narcotics sales."

In spite of the massive charges against him, plus the help of informants, which lead to the DEA bust, Rosemond's lawyer, Jeffrey Lichtman, revealed that his client is sticking to his guns. "This indictment was built on the backs of witnesses that have been threatened and bribed by federal prosecutors. And I plan to expose all of it. If the government wants a fight, they're going to get a fight," he told the Wall Street Journal.

During his arraignment Tuesday (June 21), U.S. Attorney Todd Kaminsky argued that Rosemond be denied bail because, at the time of his arrest, he was in the possession of a "fugitive kit" consisting of five blackberries, two fake driver's licenses and an iPad. Kaminsky went on to state that Rosemond was in the process of obtaining a fake passport and purchased a plane ticket to the Bahamas, a trip for which he was scheduled to leave on June 24. Lichtman countered, stating that Rosemond had been the victim of harassment, prompting him to carry several phones and fake identification. "I don't blame him for being anxious," he added.

The 46-year-old manager and CEO of Czar Entertainment, who notes rapper Game and Mike Tyson as two of his clients, was spotted in front of the W Hotel in New York City and taken down after he attempted to escape police on foot. He is also believed to have been using his company to disguise drug shipments as "freight" needed by the artists on his management roster.

As if his current legal trouble wasn't bad enough, last week an inmate by the name of Dexter Isaac, accused Rosemond of hiring him to rob rapper Tupac Shakur in 1994. Although he is currently serving a life sentence for a separate incident, Isaac alleges that he was paid $2,500 to carry out the shooting robbery at New York City's Quad Studios. Shakur survived the attack only to be murdered two years later in Las Vegas.

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