Bow Wow, 24, is set to release his seventh studio album, 'Underrated,' March 13 but he may be locked up when the project finally debuts.

The Ohio native has a warrant out for his arrest, according to TMZ. A judge in Georgia has ordered that Bow Wow be arrested on sight, due to a legal matter dating back to 2009.

The 'Sweat' creator was the subject of a $100,000 lawsuit filed in Tennessee in 2009, after he failed to pay a tour bus company a bill he owed. The company then took the case to Georgia -- where he lived at the time -- in hopes that a court near his residence would uphold the decision.

Since he never produced documents regarding the lawsuit, the tour company filed a motion to have the rapper held in contempt. As a result, a Georgia judge ordered Bow Wow's arrest. He won't be released until he delivers the proper documents.

The rapper hasn't been taken into custody yet nor has he addressed the judge's decision publicly.

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