Christopher "Kid" Reid was arrested today (August 9) at his Los Angeles home, TMZ reports. The former member of '90s positive party rap duo Kid 'n Play failed to appear in court on two occasions, which resulted in an arrest warrant being issued last month. The initial court dates were related to the rhymer's drunk driving arrest in 2010.

The star of 'House Party' and 'House Party 2' had originally plead no contest, was fined, ordered to complete community service and Alcoholics Anonymous education classes and was placed on a three year probation. Arrested earlier today, Christopher Reid was "extremely cooperative" with the cops and is currently in custody. His bail has been set at $26,000.

Post Kid 'n Play, the 47-year-old rapper had founded Brand Newz, an online magazine focusing on positive community events and leaders. He had starred in an amusing suits commercial -- "It's not always about that hip-hop house party stuff. Sometimes you gotta get clean" -- and made several guest TV appearances with his one-time rap partner Christopher "Play" Martin.

At the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival, Kid had mentioned collaborating as a duo again: "Play and I also have a television series in the works, so the future is bright." Let's hope Kid can get back on track.

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