It's just been one legal problem after another for GBE Chief and recent Brick Squad signee Chief Keef, and he isn't even 18 years old yet. Wednesday, Keef received a new arrest warrant from a Florida judge.

According to the Chicago Tribune the Chi-Town native was stopped last August in South Florida after authorities spotted the 17-year-old driving a red Ferrari that had been reported stolen.

According to the police report Keef was asked if he had any weapons on him, to which he responded, "I have weed in my right front pocket." He apparently wanted to be honest with law enforcement, and upon search, they did indeed find two plastic baggies containing marijuana.

Keef was charged with a misdemeanor possession of marijuana and ordered to appear in court Jan 23, by then however he was in jail in Chicago for violating his probation from a gun conviction. A Florida judge issued an arrest warrant and it will remain in effect and be served if authorities in Miami Beach should ever stop Keef again.

Keef's manager, Rovan Manuel said he was in Miami with the rapper, helping him celebrate his 17th birthday after performing there. Keef reportedly rented the Ferrari for $7,000 a week from a luxury car agency to use while in town. According to records, Keef was not charged with stealing the vehicle.

Wednesday's warrant adds yet another chapter to Chief Keef's criminal record.

This week alone has seen more than once incident. Monday, Keef was charged with trespassing at his former home in the Parkway Gardens apartment complex in Chicago.

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