There's nothing like a woman scorned. Jhene Aiko shows us just how far she'll go for love in her new video 'The Worst.'

In the dark visual, the songstress provides a closer look at the bad girl hidden under her good girl image. Don't cross her, boys. She's driven to murder after her relationship sours. Aiko leaves her man lying on the floor as she makes a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The troubled woman then puts on her makeup and jewelry, washes her hands of any remaining blood and turns herself in to police waiting outside -- all while wearing lingerie.

As shocking as it sounds, Aiko has trouble finding a solid man in real life, too. She spoke to Vice about the difficulties of dating. "It’s always been hard for me. I either don’t know what type I’m supposed to go for -- I don’t really have a type -- or I don’t know when someone likes me. Then it’ll be like, 'Oh, you like me?! I’m not your type,'" she states.

So what does the black-haired beauty want in a guy? "It’s weird. You don’t have to be a rapper or something. If I’m compatible with you, I’m like, 'Oh my God! We’re compatible! We should be in love.' More recently, guys say, 'I don’t want you to write a song about me. I don’t want to hurt you,'" the 25-year-old reveals.

'The Worst' is featured on the Los Angeles native's 'Sail Out' EP, out now.