If you haven't caught Jhené Aiko's episode of Vice Autobiographies, you definitely should because she delves deep into her Los Angeles upbringing, her art and growing up mixed race.

She also talks about becoming pregnant while still trying to get a record deal, and how she chose not to let that stop her. In fact, Jhene said the whole experience fueled her ambition that much more.

"In 2008 I got pregnant with my daughter. She made me feel fearless," said the Twenty88 singer. "I never doubted that something good would come from it. If anything, it was inspiring and it just game me this extra, extra drive."

The West Coast native then said she had to get a job at a vegan cafe to survive, while also working on her first mixtape. Eventually, Jhene discovered that working a job and chasing a music career at the same time was too tiring, so she quit her restaurant gig and focused on music solely.

"I remember one day I was just like 'I can't go back to the restaurant,'" she recalled "'I'm going to focus on this mixtape and see what happens from there,' so it was like a leap of faith."

You can check out the Vice mini-doc here.

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