Jhené Aiko shows off her acting skills in her new video for "While We Were Young," which is a play on the Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler romantic comedy 50 First Dates.

In the video, directed by Jay Ahn, Jhené plays a woman who has short-term memory loss, and her love interest, "Micah" has to convince her to fall in love with him everyday since she doesn't remember him. Like in the movie, he first meets her at a diner, where she's drawing and playing with her waffles. Despite being warned off by the diner worker because of her condition, Micah just can't resist her, and ends up dating her anyway—which of course, means shenanigans ensue because every morning he has to make her remember (and like) him all over again.

It's a cute video, though there's no firm word on where the song will end up. The song follows her release with 6lack, "First F---".

Watch the video above. Purchase "While We Were Young" on iTunes.

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