Jhene Aiko is expanding her portfolio with a new accessory collection. The R&B songstress has collaborated with accessories designer Amanda Thomas to launch her own jewelry line.

The Jhene Aiko and Luv AJ jewelry collection boasts an ID bracelet, the Dharma wheel charm bracelet and the Dharma wheel cuff ring. All of the items were inspired by the singer's debut album 'Souled Out,' which released last month.

"We wanted to make pieces that feel like you can actually wear them all the time," said Thomas about the accessory line (via MTV News). "They don’t feel like they scream ‘fan,’ so they work seamlessly into whatever you style is.”

Thomas also added that Aiko was hands-on with the jewelry pieces making sure that each item represented her style both personally and musically. In fact, the Dharma wheel is actually a replica of a tattoo on the 'Eternal Sunshine' singer's right shoulder.

The collection is available at Jhene Aiko's official online store costing between $35-$42.

Check out her collection below.