New York radio personality Angie Martinez will detail her memorable career in her new memoir, My Voice. Interestingly, rapper J. Cole will write the foreword to her book.

According to the book synopsis, Martinez chronicles her historic rise at Hot 97, New York's top hip-hop radio station, to become "The Voice of New York." During her radio stint, she had the highest-rated midday radio show in the country and nabbed some of the biggest interviews of her career, with stars like Jay Z, Mary J. Blige and Chris Brown. Arguably, her most memorable interview is her extensive conversation with the late Tupac Shakur in 1996 during the Bad Boy/Death Row feud.

In an interview with People Magazine, Martinez reflects on her two-hour chat with 2Pac and the behind-the-scenes drama that she had to endure during that tumultuous period. "I only aired 12 minutes of a 2-hour interview," she says. "I have it still to this day."


Martinez also mentioned other tough career moments and how they correlated to personal pain.

"People might remember certain interviews or the time that I had to get on the radio and tell New York that Biggie had passed. Or that time I got on the radio and was mediating this problem between R. Kelly and Jay Z,” she said. “They might have these moments of the career, but what they didn’t know was what I was going through at the same time.”

Martinez also opens up about leaving Hot 97 after two decades of service and moving over to rival station Power 105FM. The 45-year-old broadcaster shares stories from her personal life growing up in New York and being raised by a single mom in Brooklyn.

Angie Martinez's new book, My Voice, will arrive in bookstores on May 17.

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