Veteran radio personality Angie Martinez will launch the inaugural episode of her new series on TIDAL, One of One, with an in-depth interview with Meek Mill.

The series will tap into the successes of today's most cultural influential people, and Meek, who was recently released from prison, will set down with the veteran host to discuss his career and his new focus on criminal justice reform.

The new series special will focus on the successes that make today’s most culturally influential people and will dive deep into the hard work and talent behind today’s most prolific figures.

“Following a decade long battle with the broken justice system, Mill’s recent release underscores his long history of success through adversary circumstances,” TIDAL said in a statement. "One of One will give Mill the platform to tell his story, share the experiences that have gotten him here today, and discuss how recent experiences will affect new music and social activism."

The premiere will be live streamed and open to TIDAL members on at 12:00 PM ET today.


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