We love it when rap lyrics inspire artwork. So we had to acknowledge U.K. artist Jef D for painting this picture of Ice Cube back in his Jheri Curl and St. Ides malt liquor days before he became a Coors Light-slinging family friendly movie star.

Jef D takes a lyric from Cube's classic "It Was A Good Day" and used it as an inspiration for the 12'' X 16" acrylic painting. Though "It Was A Good Day" was performed by Cube after he'd already left NWA and the Jheri curl lifestyle the portrait is still remarkable. The actual painting has been sold already but hip-hop fans and art appreciators can get still get your hands on a print. Check out the full painting in all its glory below.

Ice Cube

"Even saw the lights of the Goodyear blimp and it read 'Ice Cube's a pimp.'"