Apparently Ice Cube is too old for groupies. "The groupie situation don't change. They always the same. You got a group that people like, the women gonna be around. Period. I don't know if that will ever stop," he told Hustler. "I don't give a f--k about groupies no more! Them days is over. I've been in the game over 20 years, man. The whole scene is played out." Oh word? [Hustler]

The Game went in on Chris Stokes and Marques Houston for allegedly sexually assaulting former B2K member Raz B. "Chris Stokes & Marques Houston shouldnt've EVER touched on on Raz B & them other lil dudes private parts like dat," Game tweeted. Them n--gaz some straight BUTT PIRATES!!! keep yo a-s AWAY from amusement parks, 'Toy Story' premieres, maternity wards & baby showers you #BOOTYBANDITS." Thanks Game. [TheGame]

Dane Cook appeared on 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno' last week, and shocked the world by singing an original song for fellow guest Taylor Swift, whose visage he appeared to have tattooed on his chest. "You know, she comes across as very sweet but the minute it went to commercial she looked at me and she goes, 'What the f--k was that?' No, I'm kidding," Cook joked. "She actually was really super sweet. We did get to talk a little bit and she thought it was really a very, very nice moment and then afterwards we took some pictures. We're fast friends. We're Twitter friends now so, you know, once you're on Twitter with somebody it's a camaraderie that can never be broken." Creepy. [MTV]