Eclectic duo Gnarls Barkley are gearing up to release their latest project, the digital EP 'Who's Gonna Save My Soul.' The new project will consist of a live version of 'Neighbors' from the 40-Watt Club in Athens, Ga., the unreleased track 'Mystery Man,' and four different versions of the title track.

"The song was written about James Brown -- from an admirer's perspective ... someone who had truly personified everything that we are," Cee-Lo said in recent interview when discussing 'Who's Gonna Save My Soul.'

The group missed out on a chance to meet Brown in 2006. The "God Father of Soul" passed away a few months after the missed opportunity. "It disappointed me so bad," Cee-Lo admits. "It was almost like he was about to pass a torch to me. It's my assumption but that's also my aspiration. When I say, 'I lay my own soul down,' it's like, I will have to be my own hero. I will have to save my own soul."

'Who's Gonna Save My Soul' will be available via iTunes and other online retailers on November 11.